Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

Not having context leaves us with some uncomfortable mysteries about this strange pair of glass-enclosed chambers. On the right we have our visi-loo, with a "privacy" partition seemingly on the wrong side of the toilet. On the left we have a lumpy futon. But what to make of the eeire emerald lighting? I don't want to see anyone who put their makeup on in there. Looks like the staff had to quickly grab a replacement lamp from the Red Room. How curious, but no longer really surprising, the way the chambers seem to be facing onto a public corridor. And most importantly, what's behind the curtain? You want to find somewhere else to stay, Dorothy. And your little dog, too.


  1. ugh! no privacy, whatsoever! pretty to look at...embarrassing to experience, i imagine.

  2. I think the “privacy partition” is actually just a splash guard so the person sitting on the toilet doesn’t get wet while the other person is taking a shower. You can see the showerhead just above the corner of the frosted-glass panel.

    Indeed this one is especially bizarre. I am amused that the whole two-room thing appears to be in a box on little metal feet.

  3. Wow, what strange, strange places you find!