Wednesday, June 24, 2009

...and behind Door Number 2...

If one absolutely must have a glass bathroom door, which specific bathroom necessity would one logically put directly in front of it? I have to put on my face-punchingly hip interior designer hat to figure that out.

Would it be the sink, where the user's back would be turned to the viewer at the door? Or the innocuous towel cabinet? Maybe even a flirtatious peek of the bathtub? Nononono, you hopeless style bumpkin! The toilet goes there, of course! Squarely facing the crystal clear door. This fosters well-mannered household communication. Instead of yelling rudely through an opaque door, the person on the outside can simply mouth "How much f*cking longer are you going to be in there?" and have his or her words lip-read by the seated occupant.


  1. The mental image of that is PRICELESS!!!!


  2. That´s the door to the shower, you can see the reflection of the ordinary non-tranparent door in the mirror.