Friday, June 19, 2009


Okay, just don't even look at the potty playing peek-a-boo at far right. I WANT TO BE IN THAT SHOWER RIGHT NOW! A fireplace?! And up to 10 showerheads simultaneously raining warmth and joy from all directions? Can't talk now, getting naked...

A design firm in King-Of-Prussia PA offers this to their wealthy clientelle, and it goes by the undeservedly low-brow name "car wash shower." Move over cars, I am turning on every nozzle and setting the water pressure to "stun." Each one of those inset black squares is a shower nozzle. I don't see a drain anywhere, so maybe it drains by elven magic.

When Mr. Hopper and I take our shower, we lament having only one nozzle, and having to do the your-turn-my-turn routine. This is the first thing ever to appear in this blog that I simply can't snark upon. But at least there's the robot toilet with sensors that open the lid when you approach, and flush/close when you leave. Way to foster lazy lav habits. Requisite snark out of the way, everyone in the shower!


  1. holy crap, that's intense. next time i come home home from a mud wrestling match i'm hopping straight into that baby.

  2. wow. yeah, the future mr ayelle and I have actually registered for some kind of cool dual shower-head thingy because we have the same your-turn-my-turn problem... but this setup just totally trumps it. o.O

  3. A shower for you and 10 of your closest friends!

  4. What a marvelous way to cleanse ... and no
    problems for tall people having to plaster
    themselves next to the wall for a full
    rinse. Our city waterworks would love it.
    Anon, Don