Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's Missing?

This cheerless and utilitarian booth from a design firm in Paddington NSW is clearly a showroom model. Let's grab our crayons and draw in, presumably on the floor since there's no shelving, what we'd see if we had a photo of a typical-use home installed model:

-Damp towels
-Pile-up of empty shampoo and conditioner bottles in shower
-4-pack of TP with one roll half used
-Tampon box
-Crusty toothbrush cup
-Hardened loofah sponge
-Embarrassing ointments
-Stack of year-old magazines
-Near-empty pump bottle of hand soap with water added to extend life

Oh, why go on? Opaque bathroom walls were invented not just for privacy, but to spare those outside the bathroom the sight of our homely but necessary stuff.

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